Roboticize Agriculture, Sustainably.

We can roboticize your agricultural needs with sustainable solutions

Reduced Labor

Our machines and farm vehicle are designed to help farmers with labor-intensive tasks especially in soil-based cultivation

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Our products are all-electric. This means they contribute to less air and noise pollution. They are also designed to be energy-efficient and reduce dependency in fossil fuel..

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Circular farming

Raina Robofarm is designed to show case circular farming practice in urban environment with our automation technology. We support recycling of agricultural waste and reuse of grow containers.

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At Raina Robotech, we believe that robotic and automation technology is a key to sustainable agriculture and food production. Growing plants can be labor-intensive and time consuming. We design and build automated machines that can help farmers from starting seed to plant care and harvesting….from soil mixer, pot or bag filler, transplanter, grass cutter and harvester. The great thing is,….. these are all electric. Our products don’t generate air pollution or noise pollution, they are easy to use and reliable. No more heavy lifting or backbreaking work. These machines can be customized for vegetable growers, ornamental plants nursery and even fruit orchards.