Introduction to Raina Robotech. Here we share our believe in robotic and automation technology that will be the key for sustainable agriculture with soil-based cultivation and electric machines for small farms and orchards.
Raina Robofarm where robots and automation machines work hand-in-hand with farmers. Everyone can grow their own food with the help of farm automation and robots at affordable price.
Our Internship project: With intention to help “Na-Ngua Cocoa Thai”, Thailand’s community enterprise, in cocoa beans grading process, we invited FIBO’s 4th year students to work with us on developing the prototype of cocoa beans grading machine. In this version, we are focusing on size grading and optimizing the cost as much as we can using image processing with 1 web camera and a very simple mechanics. And this is our first step toward the next development that will have more capabilities and better performance in the future.